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Unboxing #1: I Doll U (amiami regular bonus edition)

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile and I want present to you my first unboxing of the I Doll U (amiami regular bonus edition).

I have been waiting for almost a month for my copy to ship (special thanks to my Kanato Sakamaki chalkboard notebook item for holding up the process. While the date of the release keeps getting push back sadly. No worries…let’s move on.) Now out of all the places, why did I order from amiami? It’s true that their bonuses aren’t the best, but I really take such convenience into their “pre-order now, pay later” method. Also I had a positive experience with them so…why not order from there again.


 The package definitely arrived with great care so I didn’t have to worry too much. (No imperfections could be shown.) Also when I began the opening process wasn’t as hard either, “Thank you for the lack of tape I had to remove.”


It’s even wrapped so neatly too…do I even want to take it out afterall?


TADA!!! Along with the game it also came with a drama CD plus a mini character wallscroll. (Which I love so much! Thus no regrets to this!) What really draw me into this game is the beautiful artstyle, the fact that it’s idol related (people…if you don’t already know about…my unhealthy idol obsession), amazing voice cast lineup (like people…Kenn & Hiro Shimono do I really need to say more) and the opening theme for this game really sold me after hearing it countless times. (more like thanks freaking Kenn & your attractive English bits…I just hate you, but love you all at at the same time. I can see why my friends haven’t been able to leave his hell.)

The fact I received this game of the start to my weekend means…I won’t be going out as much for a lot time. (Goodbye Sunshine…see you next summer.) I’m really excited to start playing! I will also be bring you all my first impressions or overall thoughts on this very soon.


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