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“Why Do You Like Otome Games?”

This is one of the many questions I get time after time. A type of question I could never generate a proper response. During a conversion I had with a close friend; that same question came to surface. Instead, my friend gave her reasons to why she loved this game genre with such passion. She stated, “I love otome games so much, is because they are targeted specifically at women and there are soo many games out there for men. So it’s so nice to have a genre dedicated specifically to us!” With that said. This gave me the opportunity to reflect and gather my own reasons.

‘Why do I like what I like?’ ‘What feelings does it give me?’  Why do I devote so much time into this hobby?’

When you first hear of the term “Otome” some people thing of the meaning of “girls/women” or those mobile app dating simulations that you would see adverts. BUT! That’s only a branch of it. Otome Games (or Otoge for short. In English meaning “Girl Game”) is a genre of gaming aimed at general female market which was first established in Japan. These games are released on many platforms from mobile to PS Vita. Each of these games have different plot and situations which leads the main female character to develop a relationship to several of male characters. This one genre alone has not only spark popularity with Japanese women, but all women worldwide. There’s something truly magical about its appeal that makes us go mad! When it comes to “the root cause” that’s where the multiple reasons that comes into play. Throughout my journey into the otome game fandom, I have heard countless answers. These being (for example) a way of escapism, a favorite voice actor portraying a role, the huge need of romance evolvement in a story or just simply to live out a fantasy. Whichever reason that’s giving is more than enough to support the each fans expression for what they love. YOU KNOW what?! I really should not have to think too deeply about it. We all have a reason to love something. Whether it’s not specifically a strong valid or invalid reason. At the end, we, the fans all have our reasons to love this genre. That is what is truly a beautiful thing about having an interest or hobby! Finally, let me take the time to explain WHY I love otome games. My answer is because it simply makes me happy inside and out. Without discovering this amazing interest, I wouldn’t have been so fortunate to meet amazing friends from all over to fangirl about greatness of this fandom.


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