#2 – Checking in and Updates.

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing good!

It has been three months since I opened this blog or made any new updates. I want to apologize for not posting any of the reviews I had mention from my first post. A few personal things had came up but I promise my goal for this blog’s launch hasn’t left yet nor will I be disappearing anytime soon.

So with that said, here are some updates that have or will take place for the upcoming weeks. I have added a new page in where you can see the different otome titles that are either my favorites or new titles soon-to-release I look forward to. (Look for the page above called supports.) I also added a blogroll of other otome blogs which I enjoy reading (which I hope you all will also check out too!)

For reviews, I have a total of two reviews still in drafts which I have to complete and will soon be published later this friday. The first review is a full review of my thoughts on the Voltage inc. mobile app, Scandal in the Spotlight and the second is first impression on another Voltage inc. mobile app, Sakura Admist Chaos (a new release.) So please look forward to both soon okay? Until the next review I’ll talk to you all soon! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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